Latest spy photo of New Toyota Avensis Sedan

2 04 2008

New Toyota Avensis Sedan + spy foto (auto news)
The heavy black clothes decided to adjust its Toyota Avensis least not hold our spies to recognize the high-end model Japanese. For entry into the market next year, Toyota is busy preparing his car for the living room lighthouse showdown, probably in Geneva Salon 2009, even though we would have gladly prefer the old Automobile Salon in Paris. Detroit can steal the show, and if America is the biggest customer for Avensis. One possibility, but the position could be a problem, because this car has Camry in some markets and Toyota is not to the point to draw his US cow his kraal.


Some part-info we already have the use of derivatives, based on the gasoline engine / gasoline, diesel and hybrid technology for the energy of the vehicle. Remember Toyota is very eager to maintain the strong green image in the future, and so that nothing but a pulsating gas gourmet V8 is represented within this car. This applies to both the sedan and combined with the designation Combi, but the two are not on sale in all markets.

More foto!!!


toyota_avensis_spy_2.jpg toyota_avensis_spy_hatch_4.jpg toyota_avensis_spy_hatch_5.jpg



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1 09 2008
First Official Images of New 2009 Toyota Avensis « - It’s your auto world :: New cars, car news, reviews, photo, video…

[…] First Official Images of New 2009 Toyota Avensis 1 09 2008 This is the first official photo of the next-generation Toyota Avensis Sedan, which has been leaked into the Internet before the debut at the 2008 Paris International Motor Show in October. Early we have show you clearest spy photo of new Toyota Avensis. […]

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