New Cadillac CTS Coupe Spied in Testing (spy photo)

2 04 2008

Look at New Cadillac CTS Coup (spy shots)
Caught here with the testing, is still the best pictures of the Cadillac CTS and watching football, the things that conversion from design to production minimal with many elements in the style of the selected concept presented at the exhibition of the ‘car in Detroit January.


The front fairing seems weakened and style closer to the CTS sedan, the B-pillar is now clearly visible, in contrast to the window to window-style, on the concept, but by the fact to assess the door handles are not available, a feature which seems to me in the production are the mechanism for opening up the touchpad door handles, we have seen previously on the Corvette.

Read more (spy foto)!!!

The back of style resembles largely unchanged through the heavy camouflage, but sure to check out the huge central mounted dual exhaust system, they seem to still greater than those on the concept – this animal could seriously pack punch. Another feature that you should support, the interface is a look behind the camera is not in a limousine.


Sources speculate football CTS actually appointed the committee to combat terrorism if it in production in May 2009, he will be in addition to the CTS sedan in the Lansing Grand River plant and freely as a model 2010.

cadillac_cts_coupe_spy_3.jpg cadillac_cts_coupe_spy.jpg




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