Ford Focus RS Spied at Testing

7 04 2008

At last summer’s British Motor Show, we will see the unveiling of a concept version of the Ford Focus RS, we now have the best shot yet of production, while in the version vigorous tests on the ring.

Spies, from the Nurburgring Fan Site (BTG), they claim that the production version will, in fact, with 4WD, after witnessing the prototype of control, while the power supply around the track, previous reports found that only FWD offered. If that is not enough, say BTG, the RS version of the Focus pump is a monstrous 350bhp was far beyond the 280-300bhp we had expected.

We are still about 3 months away from the idea of the concept version, we have to wait and see whether these initial specifications scaly reach heights (oh boy, we hope it !!!), but keep an eye on how the Pre-Motor Show leaks begin to unravel.



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12 06 2008
New 2009 Focus RS testing at Nürburgring (official photo) « - It’s your auto world :: New cars, car news, reviews, photo, video…

[…] 2009 Focus RS testing at Nürburgring (official photo) 12 06 2008 At first we show some spy photo and renderings of new Ford Focus RS. Today Ford has released official photos of an inexperienced […]

25 09 2008
Ford Focus

thank you very much

29 01 2009

keep it like that please do dot change the perfomance because they superb and agresiw.all of it people need to feel the RS seat

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