Nissan GB Takes 700 Orders of New Nissan GT-R in First 48 hours

8 04 2008

If Britain Opens backlog for GT-R five days, 700 deposits were the first 48 hours. Paul Willcox, general manager of Nissan Motor Limited (UK), commented: “Traders at the command line, let-up on April 2 with an unprecedented scale in the market place. This clearly shows that the UK passion for cars and Enthousiastes performance to the idea that the next GT-R. “Accordingly, Nissan GB tries to ensure more units of the production plant in Tochigi Japan.

However, it’s not as simple as demand for Nissan GT-R is not typical volume of your car, where the pace of the assembly line can be adapted to meet the demand. Willcox, “… As an engine of the GT-R is by hand, there is a maximum annual production capacity of 1000 units per month. This volume is intended to meet all the requirements of globalization in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and that is why it is the end of May before we know that our success with our requests. ”

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Price of the GT-R-off of £ 52900 (OTR) and the beautiful sports car is available in three levels balance: Base, and Premium Edition Black Edition. First customer deliveries are planned for March 2009. See press release below for details.




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31 08 2008

I do not believe this

18 01 2009


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