Show Debut: New Kleemann GTK (photo)

8 04 2008

Auto article: Kleemann D-SCK Concept…
Kleemann, Danish tuning house known for the improvement of Mercedes cars, worked in the last three years on their own concept car. Kleemann October has shown the first pictures and specifications of the concept because GTK.

The Kleemann GTK based on the Mercedes SLK and is supported by the SLK 55 AMG engine develops 540 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Kleemann also calls for a certain maximum speed of 300 km / h, and from 0 to 100 km / h time of about 3.7 seconds for the GTK. GTK literally means Gran Turismo Kleemann, in a face-to-rear engine, but cut.

Read mre (foto)!!!

Designer, Christian Brandt, the GTK from zero, while design student Jesper Hermann designed his twin, SCK-D concept (see above), who made his debut at the fair automotive Danish last week. The WCF press room is undecided on which concept sounds good, perhaps, a vote for the readers.

Christian Hermann Brandt and Jesper have now formed a new concept of advice and Kleemann works exclusively with the new company, for their work on the design of the future.

Meller Lars Jensen, director of development, marketing and public relations, said: “We have, in fact, as a big advantage that we are working with an external consultant for the calculation instead of a house of the architect. Jesper Christian and on the broad experience for the planning and the KLEEMANN products is a very big advantage for us, and the fact that they are now working on projects for the other industrial goods, I think they Lots of experience and knowledge, KLEEMANN long-term benefit. An example of such cooperation is the keel of life concerns between Ferrari and Pininfarina. ”




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