New Generation Opel Astra Spied In Germany

11 04 2008

The third generation Opel Astra, which is designed as a Saturn badge in the United States, is expected to be in Geneva next appearance.

Seen here testing, in Germany, some of the design details, such as the car’s overall shape and tailamps front bumper can be seen. However, a feature of this is our attention to the zigzag shape of the blade lifting slightly taillamp. Looks like some inspiration from the Lockheed F – 117 stealth fighter, sure, Opel, is not interested in a radar ward off ART, although this will be very interesting. Think of another one of the cars.

Read more (+ spy shots )!!!

Apart from the five model of here, looking forward to the team (housing), biparietal (convertible) and GTC (car) versions to follow. Engine rate will remain close to current offerings, and 90 to 240 bhp petrol units and 90 to 150 bhp diesel, but we do expect green engine arrived soon after the introduction of cars.




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