New Photo Mercedes Gullwing at Test (spy shots)

11 04 2008

In July 2007 in a press release by Mercedes-Benz, they say they will be completed in conjunction with the McLaren, as a follow-up development SLR models, and said that Mercedes-Benz will continue the development of internal problems. In the internal performance of the branches AMG was appointed to this area of work, they contracted by the car (Mercedes DTM partnership), the production car.

The needle prototype can be used Dodge Viper body panels, but please rest assured similarities end. The use of the prototype 106-inch wheelbase, happens to be close coordination SLR wheelbase and in the process debunks any rumors, the smaller the camera on the basis of r230 SL-class platform. The new Mercedes into a mid-engine car seems to be very far apart, now too many.

Read more (+ spy fotos)!!!

What vehicle will be named is uncertain, as it will be the driving engine of the car. So far, we have always regarded it as Mercedes-Benz gull-wing or needles, 6.2 liters and 500 hp Mercedes-Benz AMG V8, it seems a likely candidate to become its engine. However, only time will tell us, and then just enjoy the photos and dreams from …
mercedes gullwing



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11 05 2008
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5 07 2008

This is complitly Dodge Viper

7 07 2008

I love mercedes’s every model.I’m simply crazy for it. This SLC better be a super cars buster for even a Buggati Veyron.Looking forward for it anxiously.

5 11 2008

This is a Dodge Viper.

16 04 2009

IT’S A DODGE VIPER !!!,look at the back and the doors

11 07 2009
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4 11 2009

This is a Dodge Viper with an Aston Martin look-like front grill !

3 06 2011

This is a Viper I don’t know were the pictures came from or who says its a benz but type Viper in google its the same, then type Mercedes Gullwing/SLS.

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