Smart – Limousine, is it real ?!

11 04 2008

It’s real Stretched Smart Limo (photo)…
Picking up where TV show Chop Shop: London Garage leaves off, custom car manufacturers carbonyte developed blinded by self-interest, and into cars, he showed a long unlikely vehicles. Because their creation, in 2000 Ferrari 360 stretch limousine, carbonyte engineers with a rich imagination has his own set of slides rulers of publicity vehicles, what better vehicle First of all, more than one known for small.

Stretching more than twice its normal length of 2695 mm to 5100 mm (17 feet) long, the smart fortwo has been reborn as a publicity vehicles targeted soft drink manufacturers can use their own brand smart livery and rent for a day. And direct purchase or lease can be arranged on an estimated cost of about 25,000 pounds.

Read more (foto) !!!

Despite the apparent increase in size, smart built using lightweight, chassis, allowing it to retain the original 600 cc engine, without sacrificing speed up Highway 80 kmh.

“We think that will make a significant smart propaganda vehicles – combining the practicality of the first to look forward to working with the van, we already have an incredible reaction on the Road – almost stopped car traffic, in fact the same reaction, we have the same, he showed a long Ferrari said: “carbonyte Managing Director Chris Wright.

Next on the agenda, and carbonyte is also looking for access to smaaart funeral industry by using the latest electronic technology to create a separate, but in line with the principle of environmental protection hearses.




6 responses

31 08 2009
sky gustin

that used to be a red bull car garunteed. can shaped mid car, redbull style paint.

13 05 2010
awsome guy of pplness

lol second picture isnt real look at the roughness around the edges of it

26 05 2012

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I did a Duesberg for Jay Leno a few years back,and a Stanely steamer too.
I sent them to him, but never heard weither he received them or not.

9 06 2012

There limos are very good in these business and there limo are very spacious and their interiors are designed in such a manner that the group would enjoy the whole journey.

9 06 2012

I came across this enigmatic car today at a party; maybe some of my car-guy friends know how a coachbuilding firm that went out of business in the mid-1930s could’ve built a limo body for a Mercury.

16 08 2012

TAKE AN ENGLISH CLASS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Also second picture is obvious ms paint.

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