Toyota feat Subaru Officially Announced New Sports Car

11 04 2008

New Toyota + Subaru FT-HS Concept…
Toyota’s board of directors announced that in July 2007, they set up a special committee dedicated to the creation of interesting cars. Of course, a committee, this goal in mind, it is bound to arouse all kinds of legends, and the word from Toyota said today, a car is so interesting.

Toyota (or Subaru), did not mention specific, except in the press release, this will be based on a new platform from Fuji Heavy horizontal – opposed Boxer engine and rear-wheel drive, and should arrive in dealer Up to the end of 2011.

New compact sports sedan will be described as both Toyota and Fuji Heavy will be built in the Subaru, but the upcoming construction of the Gunma plant. In return for the construction of Toyota’s’ fun to drive ‘compact car, Subaru will be small cars on the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) basis, from Toyota and micro-car (sub-660 cc engine) on the basis of OEM, Daihatsu, a subsidiary of Toyota.

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It is a win-win situation for all three companies. Toyota has finally returned to a familiar market, and have never been to the points where the cars built with the performance of experts, Subaru hands, focusing on what they do best not to worry, the small and micro-car field not removed, and a large increase in production can significantly improve efficiency.

Fuji Heavy will build a new plant in Gunma Prefecture, in Japan’s new compact sport sedan will start construction of the current main Gunma plant will focus on OEM vehicles. Subaru will be a large supply of 6,000 cars a chief operating officer.

What is the new car will be called is not known, so plenty of room for stocks. Toyota will bring a future style of the car Feiteng HS concept to the market or will they go memory, and return to re-start the ae86, or super-celica nameplate? Subaru to the same standards, so they also have a classic nameplate returns can be made, such as raising (or subari Gil L series). There is no denying that the lively new retro style is a big business, just look at small, Fiat 500 and the United States muscle cars.



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9 09 2008

i like this car. when did it come out? and do you know how much it will cost in about 3 or 4 years from now.

16 07 2009
weston holt

This is an awesome post.You just found yourself a new subscriber, keep up the good reads.

6 10 2009
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10 08 2010

toyota or subaru?

15 04 2011

Toyota & Subaru will BOTH be making a version of this car.

23 07 2011
Tawhidul Tareque


19 12 2012
Muhammad adil

I like this car

23 05 2013
saw htet

i like it , i want it , i am so so so so crazy
i want to change it red

12 04 2016
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