Bugatti Veyron Targa Should Appear in 2009

15 04 2008

Volkswagen source has confirmed that Bugatti is indeed working on a Veyron Targa. Bugatti spokes person Georges Keller confirmed that his company is working on a “convertible”.

Bugatti is forced to make it a removable roof rather than a convertible folding roof, there is no space for the roof and the car. The Veyron Spider is an emergency blanket to protect the inside just in case. A former executive Bugatti said, “because there was no other solution that could fit with his security cage.”

Rumours of a Bugatti Veyron targa been circulating since the 1.3 million Veyron was unveiled. Bugatti has repeatedly declared that they will not build more than 300 Veyrons, of which 220 have already been spoken. How many Veyrons go topless is not known, but 80 would be the maximum.




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4 06 2008
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