New 2008 Lotus Eagle (spy photo)

15 04 2008

Great days for Lotus, after a few turbulent past, the company has concluded with the clear waters of stable management and has established itself as a market with Europa and Elise models. This year marks Lotus’ 60th anniversary (Colin Chapman Lotus build its first race car in 1948, but he founded Lotus Engineering in 1952) and Lotus plans to celebrate in style with a brand new car at the British International Motor Show.

Rumours that the new Lotus is larger than the current Elise have been floating around for some time, and these spy photos of France seal the agreement that the rumor is true indeed.

Eagle project will be powered by a mid-mounted 3.5-liter Toyota V6 petrol engine and will focus on the rear wheel only. Using an outsourced mass-produced engine Lotus has the advantage of being able to focus only on issues such as the chassis, safety and weight savings. More than just an off-the-shelf engine is a guarantee to pass strict EU and the United States in connection with regulations on emissions for little money.

Read more ( spy shots )!!!

The Lotus Eagle should be set at about 46000 GBP GBP 48000, and there will be five versions of Tourism 2 +2. For the first time on any Lotus, Lotus-Eagle will paddle shifters on some models. The Lotus Eagle will enter production in late 2008, with sales expected to begin in early 2009.




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16 05 2008
New Spy Video: Lotus Eagle at Track « - It’s your auto world :: New cars, car news, reviews, photo, video…

[…] Spy Video: Lotus Eagle at Track 16 05 2008 First spy photo of new Lotus Eagle we post earlier. The Lotus Eagle has been in development seems to be an eternity, and testing of […]

14 10 2008

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15 05 2010

AutoVAZ brand that was once a Soviet-era clearinghouse for ten-year-old Fiats, is on the move. And by “the move,” we mean they’re building brand new cars of 1990s vintage. And to show off its new direction, Lada showed up in Geneva with the Lada C, a prototype of a car it probably has no intention to build, but that looks like a rally hatch version of Mitsubishi’s Concept X. Sure, it’s probably just a fiberglass body dropped over a Fiat 124 chassis. But dammit, it shows they’ve got pluck, like the crew of the Battleship Potemkin. Or those guys from “Weekend at Bernie’s.” – Mike Spinelli

Lada C in Geneva
Lada C Concept Lada C Concept Lada C Concept Lada C Concept

In Russia, Lada 2107 Updates YOU!; Better Than Everything at SEMA This Year: The Lada Samara [internal]

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