Is it the Next Chinese Buick Regal ?! (spy photos)

18 04 2008

General Motors Heritage throwing names swept into the dustbin of history here in the United States, some of the old names, and give full play to China. Park Avenue, the soldiers, as a completely desirable Zeta – platform Holden imports, and still appears to be rich, it may Reply to obtain long-overdue update. China’s automobile age has posted a photo seems to be a new Buick – could be the next Regal – with its nose ca mo removed. Note waterfall grille and empty places will go to Tri-Shield.

The clean coal technology, the Chinese automotive press that the basic shape of this mule is in line with that the Government has recently launched the Opel Medal. This car seems to be unique sheet metal parts, but because of its front-end is similar but not identical – it is not merely a swap 0.1 grille Park Avenue.

Opel had not been the line of the hockey stick on mules. If it is rich, if it is derived badges, it looks like it will be a good amount of differentiation. In any case, the signs point to another good looking Buick in the Chinese project, we are very curious.



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