VW Debuts New Concept Car with Park Assist Vision System (photo and video)

23 04 2008

Unlike VW “Park Assist” semi-automatic parallel parking in steering Touran, Passat and Tiguan, the all new “Park Assist vision” system allows parking in vertical parking. The really cool to this system is that it is fully automatic – no driver required! In fact, the system is the key driver with the remote control while standing outside the car. The car is going to reverse park in the parking lot. Once the car reaches its final resting place, turn off the engine and lock the doors. Besides the obvious advantage for those with less than promising parking skills, the PAV system promises precision allows parking the vehicle in tight places where the occupants would not otherwise be in a position to be in and out of the car comfortable.

The driver is committed to the system by creating a free space on the monitoring of navigation, set the selection DSG gearbox lever to “P” and leave the vehicle, if desired. It is advisable to inform the passengers before leaving the cars, so they do not take the steering wheel for dear life, but the driver can stay in the car.

Read more (concept foto)!!!

Initial at the Hanover Fair in Germany until 25 April, the PAV system uses two cameras in the side view mirrors, two additional cameras in the front and rear wheels, ultrasonic sensors, electromechanical power steering and a 2-GHz high-performance computer analyzes the video signals and sends commands to the control and drive technology.

If things do awry, the driver may interrupt the maneuver at any time using the remote control. According to VW, the PAV system is “still in the phase of development, and a date has not yet been fixed for the introduction of the system to mass production.”



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24 04 2008
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