Keating Supercars Revealed TKR and SKR with Rocket Power

25 04 2008

The search for the fastest car in the world title is still far from complete. If the Bugatti Veyron seems to be unbeatable with its 1001 HP and more than 400 km / h, it was the South-South cooperation Ultimate Aero and pushed the bar a little higher, at exactly 413.83 km / h with its HP 1199 and 1247 kg. Now, British car manufacturers want to regain the crown from the possession of the McLaren F1 in a manner very convincing, more precisely with the TKR Keating. Since there is no official data on the performance has been made available on that day, you can imagine what 1190 kg and 1500 hp supercar can do, but you do not have much imagination to the records May rapidly in dust…

The new car version and its soft, the Swedish kroner, were last Wednesday in South Portland, United Kingdom. The two are on a steel space frame structure, but it allows a structure made of carbon fiber to support the weight even more. The bodies are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, but also the facilities are available as an option. These vehicles are Keating 4.31 m long, 1.87 m wide and 1.15 m in height. The British automobile manufacturer is already orders for them, but the supplies did not occur by the end of the year. No hurry, because the customers have to wait for their luck in any case: SKR and the TKR is being built in a limited quantity to them and to ensure that only quality standards.

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The engines are used for the new British supercar will come from GM and a vehicle nobleman, the Corvette. The future of the SKR customers will be able to choose between the LS2, a 6-liter V8 is capable of, 404 horses, and the LS7, 7-liter V8, to be prepared, up to 656 hp with Intercooler. Rear wheels for the train, under the command of one to five-speed Porsche transaxle. The TKR probably have the engine as its LS7, but two turbochargers to be, can create rocket at 1500 hp. This number may be even higher, since the supercar is still in preparation. We will soon read about him, as new, probably in the next year edition of the “Guinness World Records”.




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