New BMW M1 Concept Hommage Officially Revealed

28 04 2008

Retro style with modern aggressive design …
The concorso-e leganza Villa d’Este, Lake Como, in Italy, by BMW, because this is recovery, in 1999, and the German brand has always found space to show an alarming concept car. Sadly, they did not make it into production so far. Star has some mileage award scheme and the concept of Rolls-Royce 101 ex. In this year’s version of events, BMW will pay homage to one of its most important cars, money supply M1, to celebrate 30, 2008. Bavaria, but the company does not intend to only, to create value, it also hope that the current modern interpretation of that super sports car. M1 money supply to meet the concept. With it, traditionally the villa – e ste’s the concept may be about to change.

It is not only against the concept car seems, may have to give it a chance, even in a small scale. New vehicles may also be appropriate to live in a time of its production BMW to a serious thought. Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz has realized it might be a good idea to provide super, when the single-lens reflex camera production ceased in 2009, it has planned to revitalize the gull-wing, is currently testing, the snakes like the body. Audi, and even has given a try, and did not complain r8 sales and brand image of the benefits. So, why BMW will stay out of such a market »
Read more (foto)!!!

This is obviously no one likes to bet, if there is no chances of winning, therefore, BMW may be waiting to see to see the public response to the M1 money supply to consider production. Expect it to become current in the most important autoshows in the next few years, such as Paris and Frankfurt. In any case, if the requirements of the BMW than any other the warm reception given greenlight to this machine, we believe that thousands of car fans the world would be willing to know what it is. And to do so.

Check out and their line of BMW Wheels




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28 04 2008
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5 05 2008
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8 05 2008
Teana Driver

Nice car! BMW …….

20 06 2008
Cape Town

The front looks like a Alfa!!! Check this BMW out!

20 06 2008
Jamie Pugh

This BMW is shit. Scroll up and see the real prototype for the M1. You’ll be impressed I’m sure..

26 06 2008

its the remake of the original m1 check out the original m1

30 06 2008

iyo iyo iyo impressive better than the gr8 escape audi..

30 10 2008


it’s cool..

when this car is producion??

11 12 2008


18 06 2009
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2 05 2010

its kinda like not that impresive,considering the fact that limbo is the first to bring out this model

10 07 2010

this is amazing .the bmw is rocking at everyside.thanks to the managing directors and co workers of bmw..

19 07 2010

this is amazing CAR

19 07 2010


10 09 2010

ماشین جالبی بود

30 07 2011
Kiganda Ronald

very cutie car.Good looking,i can imagine its confertabilty

15 02 2013
arvind sharma

introducing the M1 Hommage Concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este last week, we hope this means that in,new car of bmf please information ….

17 02 2014
jishu saha

wow nice carss i impressed cars

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