Motive BEHEV Electric Car Renderings (detail photo)

30 04 2008

Back to the New York Auto Show in March, X Prize Foundation, and progress gradually automobile insurance announced the X Prize competition, with 10 million U.S. dollars in prize money. The competition is open to any team who can ‘design, build and market 100 mpge (miles per gallon, energy equivalent) of vehicles, people want to buy, and to meet market demand price, size, capacity, safety and performance ‘.

Motive industry has now issued a brief press release, the 100-mile shooting brake, the unknown, but it was called BEHEV (Battery Exchange Hybrid Electric Vehicle). 2 2 adopted the modular composite / aluminium / steel chassis, light weight of the composite panels, front-wheel drive multi-speed quickshift transaxle, and draws its power from a high-performance ice generators. This is just the first draft, and has no known specifications, but we like what we see.

Read more (photo)!!!

The first stage of the competition is set to begin in September 2009 the Motive, industrial and other 60 teams from around the world there is still time to refine their design.




One response

17 10 2008
Gordon Foat

Perhaps a DUAL POWERTRAIN will do the job?

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