New Renault Megane III leaked in French auto mag

30 04 2008

Renault has been working on the replacement of the current Megane. The following is the new Clio, from three years ago Megane is an important model for the French car manufacturers to face a well-off volume leaders such as the Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit and the Ford Motor Company the focus of attention. French auto magazine has managed to add some brazen shooting cars, presumably obtained from Renault employees in exchange for a case of wine, a box gauloise and / or a joke on the Americans.

As promised, the new Megane will be a substantial increase in its uniform shape than love it – or – hatred, its current mode, the bending of the upright rear window. Front end borrowed a lot of new Laguna City, suggesting that a common language for the company. Have a certain similarity between some of the production version and the Megane car concept, launched in Geneva, this year.

Read more (foto)!!!

Although the production Megane expected to be significantly more conservative than the show, cars, three of further division, from its stablemate and five more sports lines. See themselves in the magazine’s pages scanned in the gallery below. Car looks just ready to put on the market, so the first time in Renault’s Home – Sharon Lawn Paris car this fall will be a good bet.

UPDATED: Next Mégane III was caught in the shade. Look at photo:



5 responses

20 05 2008

I think it’s a beaut!
The mégane is an important model for Renault, and so far, they’ve got the styling right (for me at least).
But please, don’t take so long to bring the Mégane III to Australia compared to the Laguna III (it’s not even here yet, and it’s nearly a year since the original launch) because that’ll be many more sales lost…

24 05 2008
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3 06 2008
Ronan Conlon

The new Megane looks stunning and is a big improvement on the current car. If it drives as well as it looks it will be a success. I look forward to driving the new Megane, when it  arrives in Ireland at the end of  the year.If I have the money I would buy the Megane Coupe as I think it is a stunner.I hope that Renault would use the Megane as a base for a new World Rally Car and enter the World Rally Championship in 2011.

29 01 2009
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1 11 2010
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[…] New Renault Megane III leaked in French auto mag « […]

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