BMW M1 Hommage Protoype Realy Spied?

5 05 2008

We have been debating whether or not this is a true picture or drawing of experts, but if it is a photoshopped image of the BMW M1 money supply prototype, it is very convincing. According to FreshTarmac, this photo in a hangar in Spain. It shows that the sleek two-door car, probably mid-engine sports car with the attributes of the new cubic meters in its design, especially the former fender and hood.

BMW introducing the M1 Hommage Concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este last week, we hope this means that in considering the production version. To the BMW, the establishment of it!

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20 06 2008
Jamie Pugh

I love this car! If this were the new M1, BMW would have that exotic taste back in their mouths. Unlike the other M1 prototype, piece of junk, this car looks like a BMW. Hopefully, this becomes the production M1. Oh, and one more thing. If it were “most likely mid-engine,” there wouldn’t be that little hump on the hood. Just a tip.

1 06 2009

“If it were “most likely mid-engine,” there wouldn’t be that little hump on the hood”? WHAT?!?! Just so you know, alot of mid to rear engine vehicle in car history have had that hump on they’re hoods. Also if you read into the history of the “M1” and understood that the original M1’s were rear engine then you’d understand that it would be a mistake for BMW to make this vehicle front engine so if BMW is smart they’d build this vehicle mid-engine or be in fear of disembowelment by BMW enthuist. Oh and the Hommage is planned to be rear engine wheather you want to argue that hood hump theory or not. Just a tip.

19 09 2008

this car is excellent it really shows the power of bmw and its beauty of their cars so far this is my favorite car.

5 02 2009

This is absolutely a gorgeous looking car…..WOW! I’m really curious what the rear looks like on the “production” model, if its anything like the front looks this car will become a legend once again.

1 06 2009

Its very nice but its also sad at the same time. This picture is actually been labeled a hoax and that it is a very good photoshop car. Although it might be claimed as a fake, I can’t help but hope that its not and in all honesty the M1 might come out to look this way (fingers crossed)

11 10 2010
Bimmer crzy

this looks too much like am M3 E92 placed under a compressor..
same tail tail signs e.g: the bonnet has a similar bump and vents
The wing signature M vents are the same, as well as the flow lines along the sides… its hard to call it unique.
Beautiful car never the less… Big-Up BMW…

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