Facelifted Dacia Logan Sedan Spied in Factory

5 05 2008

The workers to take photos of cars that have not yet shown the public to be the biggest sin for all vehicle manufacturers, with an immediate termination of the most likely outcome for the perpetrators. It is sufficient that the Genk, Belgium Ford workers who took the photos of the new Mondeo, or the cargo, ZR1, the prototype of a conveyor. It seems only a matter of time, Dacia, if they go the black SUV for two members of the Forum LoganClub.ro.

Two photos of the investment of Dacia Logan facelifted were at the Romanian, one silver and one red model with a bit more chrome. The amendments to the Dacia Logan sedan are not very surprising, because the front is the Dacia Logan sedan, which her debut at the world in Geneva a few months.

Read more(spy shots)!!!

The facelifted Logan sedan is also the first Dacia euro in the new function Dacia emblem. The Brazilian Sandero already uses the new landmark. The reverse side of the budget sedan also reacted to some updates with a new light behind the group.

It is obvious that the new Dacia Logan is already in production, but if the launch is still not clear by October, some said. The other models of the Logan family, the rear door sedan and later. Stay tuned to the information from their publication dates.



8 responses

1 07 2008

este o masina lafel ca sandero NU MAI VA LUATI FRATE DUPA TOATE MODELELE 2008 DE MASINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CA TOT SANDERO E MAI TARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P

1 07 2008

pentru oameni cu dacia 1310 luativa frate sandero sa nu mai poluati mediul inconjurator :-p :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

1 07 2008

pentru oameni cu dacia 1310 luativa frate sandero sa nu mai poluati mediul inconjurator :))

13 08 2008

Florine esti cumva dealer Sandero .Stai in banca ta ca si Sanndero tot Dacie ramane.

17 08 2008

bravo ba lesinatilor,v-ati ajuns…a-ti uitat cand aveatzi dacie,avetzi si voi akum bmw sau opel kum au toti moldovenii in caz k nu suntetzi tot moldoveni si suferiti d voi…cocenarilor…

13 09 2008

I have been trying to find the contact details of the right person to inquire about my purchasing requirment of 40 units for Sri Lanka and to be the dealer distributor. How ever I have not been able to find .Please mail to me the contact details. Thank you.

7 01 2009

ori are el sandero si daia:)))))

26 06 2009

kuze da ve bigim

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