New Bugatti Veyron kit by Sang Noir

5 05 2008

A dark, evil was born infants Bugatti Veyron has been born to run alongside the Pur Sang: the Sang Noir. Word is the latest variant has set up a tip of the hat – it would be “introduction”! In France – to Bugatti Atlantique 57S.

It is slightly different from, the front grille of a mirror and match, black lights around, exclusive wheels, and a house, dressed in what looks like electric orange. In conclusion, the car did not seem to share with the Atlantic other than the name, Bugatti and external color choice. However, it is not the same, this will allow you to buy it, it will be?

More fotos!!!



5 responses

29 09 2008

Cette voiture et démoniaque, halla elle est trop belle mais dépenser près de 1 000 000 d’euros pour cette voiture, je ferais une mosquée de malade.

3 03 2009
Bugatti Veyron ‘Bleu Centenaire’ revealed in 100th anniversary celebration « - It’s your auto world :: New cars, car news, reviews, photo, video…

[…] Bugatti released a few of its Veyron modification, with the Sang Noir, Pur Sang, Hermès, Pegaso and Grand […]

8 10 2009

that thing is fuken ugly i like my lexus better and is cheaper if i had that kind of money i would of buy a lamborgini n shit load of liq and drugs lmfao

31 10 2009

hi,its my car.

20 03 2011


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