AC Schnitzer Presented New BMW 1 Series Cabrio (photo)

8 05 2008

Just like its coupe sibling, the BMW AC Schnitzer BMW 1 Cabrio has gone through some power upgrades resulting in a range topping 135i with 360 hp, 123d with 240 hp and the 120d with 200 hp.

Additional powers to, accompanied by competition and a high degree of adjustable suspension, exhaust muffler and rear chrome decoration and speed, the present measures, up to 320 km / hour. Internal decoration of the details of carbon and silver and aluminum accessories, the new gear wheel, pedals and plush floor mats.

Read more (foto)!!!

Needless to say, the exchange AC Schnitzer have a body kit can be used for the new BMW 1 Series convertible. Before rounding dress is less than a convertible car factory specifications, and also with a pair of corner grille insert, the rear of the features, a new rear skirt lips and spread to a stronger dollar study. The ACS1 sitting in the convertible 17, 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels or the car.




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