Mercedes SLC/Gullwing Uncovered (photo and information)

11 05 2008

The cooperation of Mercedes-McLaren SLR by the end of next year, because each manufacturer to separate the ways of creating a new model, which they owned. We have already pointed out this week, some insider information about the Mclaren, now in the tower of the Mercedes.

The new Mercedes SLC / Gullwing will be particularly important for the Porsche 911 Turbo with a price of about € 150000 – at a time Coupe (code name C197) and a roadster (code name R197) is produced, and it is somewhat smaller, that the SLR.

Mercedes is a new advanced aluminum space frame technology, which contribute to a weight of 1650 kg distributed, 48% and 52% back in front, with less than 45 kg reflex cameras. Mercedes identified, including the drafting of a new composite braking system that is not only easy but also stronger and less susceptible to fading, that the traditional institution.


The exterior design is largely due to the SL-Class was very well received, since his skin at the beginning of this year. While some design elements that make him say, even outside roof Gullwing doors with hinges, almost vertical bi-xenon headlights, LED tail lights on, engine rear wing and a pair of the type of producers and the back of the transport.

Power comes from the AMG 6.3-litre V8 production 550bhp and 445lb ft couple what the Gullwing to achieve 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, top speed of 185 mph – the fuel consumption is, Man says 14litres/100km .

The cut is its beginnings in 2010-Salon in Geneva with a roadster should be achieved a year later, there are only 6000 shares of each model for the production and is currently pencilled to stop, in 2013.

Check out and their line of Mercedes Wheels




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15 05 2008
Mercedes SLC : Mercedes

[…] Hier mal der Link:…mercedes-slc-gullwing-uncovered-photo-and-information/ […]

20 06 2010
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31 01 2009
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3 03 2009

Interessante Informationen.

7 09 2009

really i like it amazing

30 11 2009

its amazing

4 05 2010

God. This is my dream car and i want to buy it, drive it, feel it. I keep visualizing it. I don’t even have 15 Euros with me right now and 0 bank savings can i possibly get this dream car of mine for 150,000 Euros in this “only one” life of mine? God no way i want this car…………………. Also the other one. SLS and SLR.

17 05 2010
mr b

Asom car

29 05 2010
sonu gupta

this is my car one day this car steand in front of my home….. i m amway diamond….

9 06 2010

i have one.. its amazing. i love it. everyone needs oneQ

20 06 2010

Hi, so you have one, I have Aston Martin I do think it is so the better sports car, or what are your thoughts on the comparrison?

27 08 2010

this car is awsome my friends name mercedes funny uh

16 09 2010

Sehr interresant! Vielen Dank. 🙂

5 10 2010
Robert chamberlain

this car is ugle

16 10 2010
Gordon Foster

I have one too and it is gorgeous but it was built in 1976 (a 450 SLc) still drives like new at 172,000 kms. Canada.

27 02 2011
nadir benzioche

i love this car like my bybi

10 10 2011

this is the best car in the world!! the best creation of mercedes

10 03 2012
Kobby Sly Gyapong

Say no more…….

11 02 2014

who wrote this crap, I can barely understand this fucking shit english…

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