New Infiniti G37 Convertible Leaked in China Auto Mag

14 05 2008

Nissan today announced the exercise of its spending from 2007, and all was well with the net revenue increase of 11.6%, while operating profit increased by 4.7% and net profit increased by 7.4%. Much News about what is in the last year, but the best news is in the future. Nissan was the value of the action plan and closed the Nissan GT-Plan of 2012, the Ultra-Low-cost cars, 15 new technologies in each year until 2012 and 20 new models by 2012.

From 2008, Carlos Ghosn said that 9 new models start in the financial year 2008 (from May) and eight had no great surprise. The Nissan Teana in Russia, Japan and China, Nissan Maxima Infiniti FX and the United States, Europe +2 “rule in the Qashqai, a new mini-SUV, Cube and Fair Lady Z (370Z) in Japan and the Bakkie will be successors general market overseas. But the last and certainly not the smallest, is the Infiniti G37 convertible bonds, who have long been said, but never confirmed.

Infiniti G37 Convertible bonds are on sale in February 2009 the United States with other markets such as Europe, Russia and Taiwan has not yet been confirmed. The G37 has a folding metal roof, in contrast to the above-cloth M30 predecessor, the beginning of the 90s, we should also as it Cabriolet-Coupe. The G37 CC is the focus of the same 3.7-liter V6 engine producing 330 hp, like his brother cut.



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16 02 2009

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