New Spy Video: Lotus Eagle at Track

16 05 2008

First spy photo of new Lotus Eagle we post earlier. The Lotus Eagle has been in development seems to be an eternity, and testing of prototypes, stop at various locations throughout Europe, including France, Scandinavia and northern German country. However, the final plans are the most interesting, because they were at the Nurburgring prove the engineers are now the performance aspects of the new Lotus Light vehicle and for the first time for us to see the test in a video.

One thing must be respected, the video is that every second of 2 minutes 48 seconds were very professional and is the clip was anonymous. This brings us to believe that Lotos themselves have these images, perhaps trying to drum a little advertising before his debut should Motor Show in London this summer.


The heavy disguise of the prototype reflects the style fit well hidden in our eyes well trained, but what we know is that the British brand has imported the engine of Toyota with a mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6. 2 +2 Tourism is five versions, with the fixed prices per £48000 to £46000 and for the first time on a lotus, it will paddle shifters-Star. The production will start later this year with the sale in early 2009.

NEW INFORMATION: In a press release published today, Lotus have confirmed Aigle, in fact, to its beginnings in Motor Show in London, 10 weeks later he announced a new Department of structures, whose first project is the Eagle.



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