Noble M600 Prototype: First Details and Photo

16 05 2008

Noble was a little too quiet for our tastes, he was 2 years that the only true British car manufacturer has its newest model – the M15 and now the world are followers of the hectic departure to wait for the next model, announced be. Fortunately, we can now as Noble are in fact working on a new model of the M600 and the first details were Heads of Piston after an interview with CEO Peter Noble Boutwood.

The new model is powered by a Yamaha V8 Volvo, together with two turbos in a six-speed manual gearbox, but no specifications were on that date. The body is made of carbon fiber, and as you see in the photo prototype, the style is very similar to the M15, is not surprising that the conception after the final completion of the tunnel and the climatic tests.


Peter Boutwood pointed out that the Ferrari F40 is that of the nearest competitor on the conceptual level, but it is quick to add that no other model on the market as a direct competitor. There is no timetable on the date on which we expect the full version, but we know that production to 50 units per year.




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3 10 2008
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19 08 2009

Noble would be “the only true British car manufacturer”?

No, sorry. There is an other one: Morgan.
(the company is owned by the Morgan family since 100 years)


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