Wow, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano in flames (photo)

19 05 2008

Ferrari are known for their appearance, performance and exclusivity, but in recent times, it seems a flammability could this list of attributes. The last case of Ferrari flare with a beautiful black 599 GTB Fiorano, the fire itself to a fire, while under the direction of someone who does not even touch the car of the owner. Martin bulls, in the garage working supercar Romans International in Banstead, United Kingdom, was on duty when he heard a strange, followed by a glossy screen, smoke and fire protection. The exotic 250000 £ was a complete loss, and the 28-year-old veteran of the high-end of his garage has to inform the Ferrari director of fate.

Fortunately for bulls, his employer, an apology and understanding of the people. Garage owner Paul Jaconelli said he does not destroyed against his 599 employees, and the vehicle is still covered by the warranty. It is good news for bulls, but owners of Ferrari throughout the world must ask themselves whether their expensive toys will be the next in the group of carbequed. It is not exactly what they negotiated, if they have decided to get a car.

More photo!!

Source: The Sun




2 responses

19 05 2008

Who did this?

Vin Diesel ? I ehard ther ewas a Fast and the Furious part 4. Maybe this is one of those cars.

1 06 2012
missy g

worst written article ever…. unfinished sentences, half formed sentences, spelling mistakes… shees….

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