Top Gear Back Again! Watch on TV: Season 11

21 05 2008

Top Gear is the passion for car racing heart, and was to do since she began the series in 1977. Needless to say that the world is happy that Jeremy James, Richard, The Stig cohorts and not a call he leaves a few years ago because he was had to stop after a peak revival in 2002, but we can insure that its peak is still to come.

Possibly eleven season, the high-tech? The team of Top Gear has a meeting of the brainstorming phase and have been, as some of their ideas. First the bad news, the big films will appear shorter, but more punk rock. There is a German Top Gear episode with the return of Sabine and the Audi RS6 suicidal against a skier. The usual “Top Gear face-offs as the EVO X in comparison to the Impreza and a great film in which a mega-car, on a mega opponents in Japan. Mega Jeremy Godzilla vs. someone?

Good news for the United States, Top Gear may has not been canceled, as well as most thought. NBC was a brief description of the return on his sites and some persistent rumours on the surface Gear episode driver. This pilot project was probably the target of shots fired at the airport El Toro, California, but NBC is always quiet on the subject.


So what does the other Top Gear contribute this season? What is a game between the Koenigsegg CCX and three Bugatti Veyron!!! into the desert to Abu Dhabi. This was in a meeting with photo, proved to be a turning when the magazine Top Gear called for a Veyron and donors are three models. What in this passport of the wood is not known so that we all can do is patiently waiting for the season to 11 in the air.

This is my favorite  TV Show about cars! I think it’s wonderful that Top Gear back again!!! What’s your mean??



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20 06 2008

For those who can’t receive BBC I’ll stream this game live online on my channel:

21 04 2009

i like that a bugatti veyrons

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