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23 05 2008

Given the number of cars in the position until the results of over 1,000 hp, 325 hp a vehicle May does not seem very impressive, but expect the New Volkswagen Scirocco GT24, on the initiative taxonomic World Meeting 2008 in the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, near the lake. May it not so fast that these machines, but it seems really good.

The competition of the Scirocco version supports all of its 325 hp, a 2-liter four-cylinder gasoline direct-injection engine turbochargers, even in a position, 340 Nm from 2100 rpm. The DSG gearbox is also made to the GT24, a reference to the first race, the car to cope with, the famous 24-hour race Nurburgring, the closest Saturday.

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If the car is not so powerful that many of the other competitors, at least he has very good drivers, such as Hans-Joachim Stuck, Carlos Sainz and Ulrich Hackenberg, president of Volkswagen for development. In the race, endurance, perseverance usually decides more than results.

Photo Gallery: Volkswagen Scirocco GT24



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26 05 2008
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25 08 2008

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