Next Generation Volkswagen Gol Leaked in Australia Auto Mag

23 05 2008

Volkswagen Gol was best selling car in Brazil more than 20 years. Built exported and in other emerging countries like Russia, China and Mexico, where he reached the number one in the sale of tickets in 2006, the car is also known under the name pointer. No wonder that the next generation, the third (although Volkswagen calls the fifth), is considered one of the most important this year launched in South America. Many journals, like AutoEsporte, already the early onset of cars on the basis of inside information, but Quatro Rodas was the first place in the test on the road, as you see in the photos in this element.

In addition to these pictures, Quatro Rodas has also some reports in its issue of June, showing front and rear axle of the vehicle. VW Tiguan would have inspired the new compact sedan, which significantly improved compared to the previous model. Although the new car uses the PQ24 platform, including VW Fox and VW Polo, Gol is the new star in an engine mounted crosswise and for the first time in its history. All previous versions were along engines, a very unusual solution for small cars. This feature makes Gol at the same time be one of the owners of the garage favorites cars, because it is easy to resolve, and the reputation of being too old compared to competitors.

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The limousine version of the car, travelling to Brazil and the United States as Fox from 1987 to 1993, back online with the new car. Although the compact sedans are not very popular in Europe or the United States, they make up a large part of sales in the emerging markets because of their price range. This helps to strengthen the launch of the limousine version of the Peugeot 206 in Brazil, but not the fact that 207 Brasil passions in this country…



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23 05 2008
Neue VW Gol - Nächste Generation : Volkswagen

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