First Renault Megane III Renderings

24 05 2008

After the French car magazine showed exclusive photos of new Renault Megane III, a few things, however, were the imagination of fans of this car, but the pictures are not very clear. To compensate for this deficiency, Infomotori of our colleagues who have worked on the rendering, it has kindly allowed to reproduce here. He continued to rent great work for our Italian friends, to the new car, that’s it in 2008 in Paris Salon de l’Automobile, we can confirm most of his new function.

The most important of these is the choice of a more conservative, something of vital importance for a company with very ambitious goals more and more. Bets can be in less competitive car market segments, if they can be formed. Therefore, the design of the new Megane similar to that already in Twingo and Laguna for the first time in the Megane Coupe Concept. Future vehicles, the same style of evidence, such as the headlights and the casing.

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There is still doubt as to the size of the new sedan, but it still comes in three versions and five doors and a sedan and Wagon. Engines probably remain the same, or other, 1.4 liter, 1.6 liter and 2 gallons of gasoline and the engines of 1.5 liter and 2-liter diesel engines, which all four cylinders. The lighthouse, after, probably a characteristic of 2-liter turbo diesel capable of 225 hp. Prices range from less than 15000 and 30000 € €. The sale comes shortly after the presentation.



4 responses

27 05 2008

i am a fun of renault but the only think that it makes sad is that i want more hp in this model as toyota did exp 1.4cc-116hp or 1.6cc 126hp why renault do the same? carlos please thionk about it if you hear………

5 06 2008

top of the top!!!!

7 06 2008

Seat Leone

16 01 2009

good luck!

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