New Mazda1 Concept: First Artist Renderings | autoworld

26 05 2008

Over the past few years, Mazda has some truly breathtaking Concept Cars follow the “Nagare Design Language”, including the Nagare, Taiki and Furai concepts. But there is to see the new style, the step at the level of production. But today, Mazda has his first images of Mazda 1 – a new concept, because who should at this early September in Paris Motor Show, once again follows the same language and Nagare seems, is a giant step forward in the form of loans for the Production.

The new approach is in the spotlight Perspex signs with sliding doors and the seats. Peter Birthwhistle, chief designer at Mazda’s European Centre for Research and Development, said: “The finish is even more radically than the car you see here. It is for young people and may have to connect the iPod, sat – nav and Bluetooth . It is environmentally friendly and high costs as little as possible. ”

Read more (photo)!!!

Mazda has also shown that we should also see a new Ford Kuga SEEN based on the Auto Show in Moscow and in August an issue Nagare RX-7 replacement is currently in preparation.



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13 06 2008
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25 06 2008
iPod accessory

thats cool

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