Mystery Ferrari FXX Spotted on Road

27 05 2008

The beauty prototype met on the street is the aura of mystery that surrounds him. Spotted here sporting a lightly camoflaged front nose is the Ferrari FXX – a car that is supposedly only allowed to be driven at special track days pre-approved by Ferrari.

It’s looks such thoughts and emotions can trigger a car like the one portrayed already born as the FXX car laboratory on which to perform a wide range of experiments that is not know unless it is part exsclusive club owners and participants prestigious program organized around her. In these snapshots you see a kind of “laboratory” of “school”.


There are, in fact, several mystery elements: the photograph circulating on the network in more “hot” forum for fans, was taken at a rear gate of the factory from which usually leave the prototypes for some tests . The author is a fan during trips to Maranello. The car, although not imagine portrays the tail, is provided with proof plate and then leaving the lair for a road test. Consequently, there may be a mule that hides some “exciting” new invention for a future road model (the car is also equipped with side mirrors, and then unlikely this is a prototype which was testing some solution to the track) .

Finally, what about the camoflage? Of course: No! If not that probably has been made numerous adjustments to the frame that could also limit, exclude that this is a Ferrari FXX. According to some, but ‘it is precisely her: a FXX Ages fell in the street for who knows what tests.




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