New polyurethane foam BMW 6-Series by Lithuanian sculptor | autoworld

1 06 2008

After first foam car on the basis of a Mercedes-Benz engine, you must give them the means for artists painstakingly fill not one but two of these projects polyurethane plywood. We found that BMW 6-series port interpretation based on the same color red, 30-inch flash-Dubs, and dual triangulated exhaust tips.

While the Lithuanian sculptor has a large part of the Bangle Butt-intact, aesthetics generally to this version is much more comfortable for the eyes. A look says, within this attempt is not as thoroughly as the other (s seems to be painted, carved not). However, as the waste in the door mounted on the card in the pocket, a use in the streets.

More photo!!



6 responses

16 06 2008
Car Tuning

Thx for sharing the information. I’ve been following your effort now for quite some time, still you don’t stop surprising me with awesome quality content all the time. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Cheers Mate! JR

14 11 2008

super work talking everything to the next level nice

10 12 2010

Waste look like shit

14 12 2010

ZZ… your face looks like sh*t.

26 10 2011

i dont like it , looks like donald’s duck car …

29 02 2012

Lituanian…..I think your name is Mohammed. I found you in many places in the internet ….

Most haters in your comments are from USA. They hate not becouse of your skills, but about your nationality…Dont mind them. Its typical narrow minded american culture. (i kow it very well as i lived there for seven years…lol) You are a man with some amazing skills. i saw your other cars too.

Dude, Just keep up with your good work.

Greetings from srilanka

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