British Police stopped street race between Bugatti Veyron & Ferrari 599 GTB on M27

4 06 2008

British drivers on £875K Bugatti Veyron and £ 225K Ferrari 599 GTB came flying past in a street race type fashion going a reported 130mph.

Witnesses said that the 2 Super Cars were in the weaving in and out of the 3-way on the M27 in a very irresponsible, but it seems that the pleasure of the Bugatti driver was short-lived if the consequence was caught by the police, their modest BMW Series-5 It is, however, to thank his Lucky Stars after only 97 mph cumulative result of three penalty points on his licence and a fine of 60 pounds, he was at speeds up to 130 mph, it could well lose his licence, and the Bugatti his detention.

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Now leaves the question of how the Ferrari 599 GTB got away, did it beat the 253mph capable Bugatti enabling him to get a clean getaway? It certainly seems so and if you check out the pics you will see the Ferrari is missing its number plate.



13 responses

6 06 2008

Good job….Police

3 07 2008

He was definitely lucky. I noticed the 50mph average speed limit in the photo. I calculate he would have to pull over on the layby for a 1 hour 25 minute snooze before commencing his journey to avoid the automatic camera flashing.

17 09 2008
john white


17 09 2008

how do they feel. why by the car in the first place . hahaha you mugs

16 08 2009

ur mum sucks my and wanked it and i liked her fanny and asked me if i wanted a tit wank

18 09 2008

i saw them 2 cars racing

2 11 2008
rob and dan

i saw them racing as well it was fucking cool when they passed us on the m27 doing 190 mph

19 07 2009

its my dads veyron and his bros 599

30 09 2009

why the fuck did he pull over he would of smoked the police

24 04 2011

Exactly right? 🙂 at least one person gets me

1 08 2010


24 04 2011

Why did he stop the bugatti he couldve well got away from that shit bmw.
And all of you police loving snitches your terrible. Unlucky for the guy unlucky 😦

15 10 2011

I think He could of smashed the police in a race but it was very good that the bugatti stopped but he should have also stopped the Ferarri

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