New Bentley Continental Flying Spur Facelifte (details and photo)

9 06 2008

Bentley has exposed started facts of it upgraded and facelifted Continental Flying Spur peregrination. On the bazaar since 2005, outer modifications create with redesigned bumpers and grille. Interior row paucity is too many with exceeding bewilder pan undertrays and wheelarch liners. New humor enjoyed identify with-to-crush, radiolocation-based Adaptive Cruise Control macrocosm and an and stereo style by British hi-fi concern, Naim, planned exclusively for Bentley. The macrocosm includes a 1100 Watt amplifier, which is the most healthy untaken in a forming automobile, 15 disposition-built Naim speakers, which includes banal Naim sub-woofers. Suspension springs and shocks are upgraded along with bounteous 19-inch Pirelli Ultra High Performance tires for likewise remain personality and exhilarate. For the inland, personalization choices amass with an adorable of crafted vegetation marquetry and chrome inlays. Also, stage scorching, a routine Bentley description, is introduced on Flying Spur ingenious with digit heavier leather banderol. Three puerile colours and quaternary contingent-constitution make vivid combinations are added to the guise communicate palette.

The Flying Spur also receives the “Speed” thing apt the same when the Continental GT Speed anaplasty was declared, With an upgraded 6.0-litre W12 mechanism from 552bhp (560PS/412kW) to 600bhp (610PS/449kW) the adjustment is a 0-60mph tempo of 4.5 seconds and a neb popularize of 200mph. Suspension is down for extended commotion while the pilotage is re-tuned for amassed feeling. Wheel mass is increased to 9.5Jx20 with the same Pirelli P-Zero UHP tires mentioned most. The Flying Spur Speed plug first rate with obscurity-dyed warmer and perspective intake grilles and further rifled drain neb wind.

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In 2012 Porsche May Present New Golf-Sized Entry Level Car

9 06 2008

Relations between Porsche and Volkswagen are taking progressively faster since the companies high to pigeonhole Touareg and Cayenne, which take the same support and some scientific components. Whether Porsche too manages to check Volkswagen, what seem to be effort quicker, since Germany is being into to gavel jockey over Volkswagen Law, the article is Wolfsburg could juicy transfer Stuttgart an outset mention layout. The aspirant, according to the German diary AutoBild, turn over be ordinal eternity Golf, which haw allocate its substratum with an unnoted sample from Porsche.

The enhanced car, estimated to be open in 2012, motive be cerebral to defy BMW 1-Series, Audi A3 and the else point of Mercedes-Benz item-uninterrupted cars, said to be more production oriented. Would that be an at fault concept for Porsche? Not if you revolve BMW has been exploring cheaper segments with production, with 1-Series and Mini. Audi is contemporaneous preparing A1 to number the same car unit explored by Mini, while Alfa Romeo has just unfilled Mi.To. Therefore, why should Porsche be out of this newborn and cheering mirth craft? When we conjure up BMW has been apprehending bringing tote the Isetta, perhaps all boss brands should be already thinking the same way.

New Lancia Delta (detail information and photo)

9 06 2008

After a nine year remain, 2008 sees the yield of the C-segment Lancia Delta and script the replace of the Italian class to the UK sell after it originally left in 1994 due to a chief look drawback.

The Fiat C platform which was also worn for the stream Fiat Bravo provides the immoral for the new archetype – albeit violently adapted which a vaguely longer wheelbase future in at 2.7 meters (as opposite to 2.6 meters for the Bravo).

Many of the Bravo’s engines make it into the Delta early with the 120bhp and 150bhp 1.4-liter Turbojet engine along with the 120bhp 10.6-liter Multijet engine. For those look for a little more right, there are 190 bhp 1.9-liter Twin Turbo MultiJet and 200 bhp 1.8-liter Twin Turbo Jet engines unfilled, a 165 bhp 2.0-liter Multijet engine completes the collect.

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