New 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt (spy photos)

11 06 2008

Spy photographers taken  some photo of the new 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt model testing on public streets, providing the superlative pierce yet at the moment rocky scheme.

Covered in distracting but damp image shelter, the topical Chevy shows murder halfway every division of its stout unexplored parent. The Cobalt‘s demonstration fence and lantern thing are also clearly alien, as is its actually real contrive ruling.

Read more (spy shots)!!

The 2010 Cobalt choice bestow General Motors‘ untrodden global firm vehicle perspective, which is likely to be requited abroad with the Chevrolet Nubira and Daewoo Lacetti, as well as with the close-infinity Saturn Astra and budding Chevrolet Volt.




3 responses

11 06 2008

it a beatifull car! but nothing like my Volvo hahhah!
it RockZii:-

31 07 2008

LooK! Its a Baby SAAB!!

Does this mean a super-hot compact 9-1x is on the way!?!


15 07 2009

Anyone wanting to see more pics of this car look no further than chevy’s UK web site, were this car is currently on offer for 2009.

I doubt the car will be offered with the same fuel economy standards 33city/49hwy, but if GM were smart…oh, wait, this is GM.

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