Beautiful Vivi is Miss Car SalesWomen of the Year

13 06 2008

You pace into your home Citroen dealer shop and looking for a better buy, you take a look around at the latest models on ceremony but nothing takes your whim and as you go to gait out the sales anyone asks “Can I help you with anything.” A normal response would each be “no, gratitude” or “just looking thanks,” but we deduce that if the woman you see before you asks the same mistrust we are solid the terms “anguish yeah” may come out of your talk before your intellect catches up and realises what you have said.

This is clearly a post that has happened to a lot of fortunate punters in a Citroen dealer in China where 21 year old Vivi factory as a salesclerks which has ensuing in her charming the popular “Miss Car SalesWoman” call as voted by the Chinese “Wo” magazine. She seems to have urbanized some admirable techniques judging by these photos counting the decidedly actual “oops, I dropped my pen” system and the equally impressive character unbuttoning chemise.

More photo of Vivi!!



7 responses

15 06 2008

just read,

16 06 2008

she is indeed a hottie!

16 06 2008

I think I’d buy a car from her even if I didn’t need one.

17 06 2008

I’d buy that for a dollar!!

19 06 2008

HAHA this person has the same name as me!

23 10 2008

En.. Pretty 🙂

2 02 2011

buy car or buy woman

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