New 2010 Mazda9: Rendered Speculation

13 06 2008

History start with Mazda 929 from the ’90s was a rear-turn-plunge technological miracle that was ultimately unsuccessful because of its robust cost tag and Americans’ infatuation with the SUV. Times have distorted and big cars are cool again, with just about everyone on the sell donation a large vehicle. Mazda, however, is an apparent exception. The artists over at CGI Automotive decided to render out an outlook Mazda9 just for fun, and while it looks a bit ungainly, the inclusive idea is sweet genuine.

Out front, the wretched rendering holds sincere to the design of the eminent Mazda6, but Audi-like jewelry has been added to the headlamps and the lesser air dams look aggressive and active. The full turn arches borrow from the Mazda6 and RX-8, and the roof-line is lessened to give it the four-door coupe look. The one thing that would have to change is the hatchback, which might be OK on slighter Mazdas, but is unattractive for a large flagship sedan. Would we like to see a Mazda9 flagship sedan? Hell yes, the more Zoom the better. Nevertheless it would have to be more distinctive and fewer mark-like, or it’d suffer the same fortune as the 929 of years finished by.




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