New Ford Capri – Reborn from Classic Model

13 06 2008

First Ford Capri was design and built in Europe back in the day and was sold in North America from 1970 to 1977 through Ford’s Lincoln/Mercury dealerships. However, the Ford Capri carried no brand badging when it was sold in the U.S.; it simply carried the Capri badge. However, later the car became known as the ‘Mercury Capri.’

New Ford Capri – it mixes those with the company’s latest design themes. At the front there are the trademark twin grilles, with a large lower air intake incorporating neat spotlights. Bold Mondeo-style headlamps complete the Capri’s striking look.

Its profile harks back to the original model, with a tail-heavy stance and familiar C-shaped rear windows and thick pillars. At the back, strong shoulder lines combine with distinctive tail-lights and a sloping tailgate to create a pert-looking rear. A neat roof spoiler and venturi-style lower bumper finish the design off.

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Inside, the Capri will offer a 2+2 seating layout, with a cabin inspired by the current-generation Mondeo’s. Under the skin, it’s likely that Ford will follow VW’s approach with the Scirocco, which sits on the Golf platform, and base the car around the Focus. That will mean a front-wheel-drive layout and a similar engine line-up to the family model, with the range topped by the 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged unit from the ST hot hatch.



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21 06 2008
Joe Dewar

I like this car and I want one, What is the price?

15 09 2010

they r concepts

24 08 2008

what aload of shit this is like terminator3 or rocky6 there going to ruin the classics

15 09 2010

hey any amarican made car is amazing and any one who talks down on them is retarded

19 09 2008
Miniman Andy.

nice car design. the only problem is, i don’t like the fact that it is FWD. (front wheel drive)
CAPRI’s SHOULD ALL BE RWD! (rear wheel drive) it is what the classic ones are famous for ….. and that is very tail happy.

i hope the higher spec one is RWD or even 4×4 (AWD) drive like the new subaru’s

22 11 2010

well i agree.. here in England, FWD, Means four wheel drive !!! but again we do have AWD, as in all wheel drive !!! so not sure what you are being told. can’t imagine it will be all wheel ?? Never the less, it does need to be rear wheel.. that was what i had… tail happy is good, front is too safe.. AND !!!!!!!
a MANUAL !!! Stick shift, to you guys !!! It is the only way to really feel a car.. the Clutch is like holding to it’s heart string.. total control !! x

26 01 2009

What a crap… Is it korean or something?;) 😦

18 02 2009
daniel ford

Errr, a Capri and a Focus are two very different styles of cars that you shouldnt combine (blatantly just to save money!) that new capri is just a focus coupe that looks eerily similiar to volvos new little coupe, not impressed! And isnt that 2.5 turbo also in their volvos aswell. hmmm, i wont be selling my 85 v8 capper for that fwd lump of plastic!

8 05 2009

They should have done What VW did when it made the GTI MK5 – Go back to the original MK 1 Ford Capri – and instead of making a random car and badging it with the name Capri rather try to recreate a the classic.. And WTF is up with FWD??? Total Fail!

26 05 2009

This is the best looking Ford concept in a loooong time. If Ford doesn’t make it they are crazy. Also, they should build this on the Miata (mx-5) chassis.

24 06 2009

Well it’s never going to be a copy of the old capris. but it’s not a bad effort by ford. certainly an improvement on the focus coupe, which I thought they were going to use!!..

13 09 2009
Michael J. Wilson

The car is beautiful and there is no way they blatantly copy the original. FWD? Because the entire company is going that way – soon it will only be the Mustang and the F-Series. As Americans (and car lovers) we need to accept and try to embrace it! Ford, keep it up! You’ll out last them all!!!

13 09 2009
Paul Hill

i hate this car but love the original capri rwd is the only way they should be they were famous for kicking out ford what the hell are you doing your killing a true classic 😦

21 10 2009
Cheap used cars

Was there not a Mercury Capri also?

6 01 2011

the mercury capri IS the ford capri

30 10 2009


13 02 2010

I like the shape of the 2010 capri it is beautifull. I dont like the frontwheel drive.Why not use the platform of the Masda XR8 and stuck a V6 or V8 in it?

1 06 2010

come on ford get with it surely u can come up with something a bit better than this the car looks like the front of your old shape mondeo (did u have parts left over u couldnt ger rid of)? and the back looks like a volvo? PLEASE DONT RUIN A LEGEND SUCH AS THE CAPRI it would be the biggest crime u ever commit !!!!!!!!!!

4 07 2010

This makes a small bit of sick come to my mouth. It is foul. It does not even slightly resemble the capri in any way, it looks like any other generic piece of shite. Ford you dissapoint me. The task in hand is so simple yet you have failed so immensly. All you need to do is take the MK1, modenise the finish inside & out & bring the mechanics all up to date. If this goes in to production I will remove the Ford badge from my own Capri.

You disgust me!

14 07 2010
Nic Crane

I do hope this is rubbish as that is not a Capri. Ford will ruin what made the Capri special, RWD, Muscle car looks and that gorgeously shaped bonet.

30 08 2010
Danny H

Hi there. I suppose that bringing the car with improvized ideas
will surely give life to the new capri. If it looks good in
reality i might buy one.

1 09 2010

i loved the MK 3 Capri but now i hate the Fords because of the new ford Capri it looks like a B.M.W cross a KIA and yes the old focus and Mondeo my little 3 year old son could do better and he wouldn’t even dream about making it a front wheel drive WTF your killing a classic u stupid ass B****RDS and i will scratch the badges off my MK 1,2and 3 Granada’s and my two MK 3 Capri’s and MK 2,4and5 Cortina’s it even makes my puppy sick its ugly cheap and nasty so go to hell you stupid american T*ATS go to hell


17 09 2010

I had one from 1978, 2.0 litre v6, made in Germany, and it was a great car, nevertheless, this new one has a good design. Keep your mind open to evolution, you may not expect Ford (or any other automobile constructor) to creat cars with old characteristics, it’s time for you Americans learn that you don’t need a big engine block to get power, Europeans and Orientals are making cars with smaller motors but much more powerfull, with better consumptions than yours. Peace be well!

22 10 2010
scott webb

u can not beat the gd old !!ENGLISH FORD CARPI !! is shit

17 11 2010
v double u

so now youve ruined the capri name same as you did the rs500 name, well done!!!

3 09 2011

“My impression is Ford wishes to redeem itself on the Capri name because in
the ’70’s certain undesirable anomalies occurred such as some of these cars
meeting their demise with the engine suddenly inexplicably catching fire!”
Word of mouth created a nickname for the Capri: “The Crappy”.

17 09 2011
Paul Turner

What part of this looks like a Capri!?

The Ford Capri is a classic! and a lot of people refer it to a British muscle car, i see no muscle? Who ever designed this new version is awful!

Do What the Americans did with the Mustang, Challenger and Charger! – Modernize the classic!

If the Capri is re-born then it needs to be done right first time.

Hope Someone can do it and if so…. i can not wait!!!!!

11 10 2011
John Jarni Jonadaran

Crap car! There is no resemblance to the Capri itself – therefore to badge this as a Capri would be a poor marketing tactic by Ford!

20 06 2012
Andrew Rollason

The picture on the far right is a Ford Falcon Coupe, either an XB or XC; not a Capri. It probably has a 5.7L Ford V8

21 06 2012
Michael S V

Ford USA kept sumbling in the 1970s and it was always Ford Europe to the rescue,later help came from Japan.Luckily Ford is doing well now but despite the good design,it doesn’t emotionally feel like a Capri.i love drawing the original and i own a Mk3 here in the Philippines.The engine should have at least some Ford involvement.Leave the legends to the past if you can’t recreate them right.

11 12 2012
chris dangelo

The only real cue to a proper muscle car in this whole story is the far right photo of an Australian Ford Falcon XA Coupe that some clown thinks represents the original Ford Capri. Right era but Mustang sized and powered by eight sweet Cleveland cylinders of 351 inch goodness to the rear wheels.
Amen to that.
A Capri is not a Capri if it doesn’t have rear wheel drive.

10 11 2014

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David Coleman

Mercury Capri

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