New Ford Capri – Reborn from Classic Model » ford-capri-classic-img_1



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20 12 2008

it`s beautiful :X:X

11 04 2009

how mach this????

where this car???

26 05 2009

So why is it labelled a s a Ford Capri when it is a 1972/73 Ford Falcon XA Fairmont coupe with a GT grille?

1 07 2009
Madest Max

Yep, this is Ford Falcon, realy why is it labelled a s a Ford Capri

12 10 2009

ford falcon not ford capri falcon was austrailian/nz not sure if sold in usa

3 04 2010
Ford Fan

The car shown is NOT a Capri but an XA Ford Falcon coupe. Compare pics if you think I’m lying.

10 12 2010

aguante fooord lo mejooor!!!

3 07 2011

Wankstains, not only do Fix Or Repair Daily (FORD) fuck up the original design but these dickwad webwhores post a pic of a falcon (Australian Mustang) instead of a proper shitty Capri (I Been under a dagenham dustbin hating myself for about 5 years)

21 05 2013

stay there then

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