New World Record Film Fitting Time on Audi R8 by FOLIATEC

13 06 2008

People doing many world records like “Fastest Production Car” or “Top Car speed”, they contain a part of fascination which keeps people wondering if, one day they will ever be able to demand their own world highest. Ok, FOLIATEC in cooperation with professional movie fitters folioCar have broad their sample of the world record dream with the absolute world best time on 5th June for correct a whole vehicle with designer films.

Carried out under the supervision of international pressure members at the TUV premises in Mendig, Germany, the players of four folioCar technicians danced around one another and the ABT supplied Audi R8 in applying the deceptively sincere looking carbon strength plastic skin in precisely 2 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds. Typically, a average car body wants two full effective days to fit, no less a difficult nature like the R8. “Although we could have had more people work on the fitting, it was already cute harsh around the vehicle and the advance people would only have got in the way,” explains Marco Kimme of folioCar. For farther details about the grueling process involved in applying the film, see demand free below.

More photo (how it was)!!



5 responses

13 06 2008

now we’re talking..! The R8 is a stunner

13 06 2008
John "Nano" Statham

Wow , what a car!!

John Statham

25 06 2008
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6 01 2009

Wow it is new world record!

25 07 2012

Did someone put this article through an autotranslator and not check the results?

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