Jason Statham back again – Transporter 3 / Le Transporteur III Teaser Trailer (video)

16 06 2008

And hot damn this looks intense! The first very hot French teaser trailer for Transporter 3 has just hit. It’s one of the most badass and exciting teaser trailers I’ve seen in a while – no thanks to Jason Statham. Yes friends, here’s the Transporter 3 clip — and from what we can tell from the few seconds of glimpsing the W12-powered Audi A8 in this Iggy Pop – Soundtracked 55 seconds of oddball-ed up action, the finishing installation in the epic trilogy will be more in line with the unrealism of the next movie than the awesomeness of the first.

Louis Leterrier opted to direct The Incredible Hulk instead of the third film, so French filmmaker and former graffiti artist Olivier Megaton (Second unit director for the Luc Besson produced Hitman) has attempted to fill his shoes. Robert Knepper, who you might know from Prison Break, appears as a villain. Judging from the intense teaser trailer, which looked like a mix of Transporter, Speed and Crank, weare in for another kick ass action film.

Watch video:

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16 06 2008
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17 06 2008

Is it just me or has Statham lost some of his buffness? He looks a bit thinner here than in Transporter 2 when he was suitably buffed up..

5 07 2008
The Film Talk - Part 26 - The Incredible Happening!

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30 10 2008

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26 01 2009

I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

28 02 2009

i love statham!!!!!!

28 02 2009

i really wanna say a lot for that film…but ii will be a long story!!!!anyway…i love that movie(1,2,3)…and i love statham too!!!

13 09 2009


23 08 2010

Super strona o spedycji i transporcie.

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