Stop drivers! 3D Virtual Speed Bumps.

18 06 2008

The regulate have been difficult to get drivers to constrain at the rectify quickness ever since the motor car was sham, the blonde race cameras only make us leisurely down just before we operate ancient their radar shimmer, then velocity up upright after – rendering the realize useless and more unsafe that it would have been without them. On motorways they have ongoing to place cardboard cut out monitor cars to fool drivers into lashing below the tempo bound, but as a customary to a position of highway the realize is quickly wasted once you have ambitious precedent the cut out once.

Now drivers in Philadelphia US are leaving to get the first look at the new monitor task 3D rapidity bumps, sounds fanatical but they are with 3D technology to produce realistic looking zoom bumps, causing looming drivers to lingering down, belief that they would be negative the base of their car by hitting the fake bumps at velocity.

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A synthetic textile will be laid down on the ground that gives the illusion that there is a lump in the highway, the creators of the fling are aiming at altering the mindset of the driver, making them realise that the hustle reduce is not a recommended speed but an actual frontier.

Honestly say, if for the first time I saw this on the road, I would be pressed on the brake pedal, certainly, it looks very realistic. What is your mean?!




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