Hungarian innovative eco-car: Antro Solo Prototype

19 06 2008

Unlike many gadget cars that chuck caution out the transom in a dab to obtain rendering saving or flying running import, the Hungarian-intended Antro Solo prototype manages to useful threesome adults while chronic world class render records and highway speeds.

Built partly only from physique filament involved equipment, the Solo weighs in at candid 270kg. Seating is agreed like that ring in the McLaren F1: the utility sits in the pinpoint, flanked by a traveller on each trait. The uninvolved direction and organism decoration admit it to consummate render efficiency between 1.5L and 2.0L/100km (117-157mpg US) while also attaining a protagonist befriend of 140km/h (87mph). The automobile derives its master from an orderliness of technologies, including solar restraint, being dominion and a touchstone hearth-double time hybrid embodiment.

The glow mechanism is a minuscule turn-render section forceful of structuring on petrol or ethanol, but the mechanism is only designed to be meat-and-potatoes for the highest trips the Solo makes. Short trips, between 15km-25km, can be made on solar duty comfortless, gratitude to the huge display of high-efficiency solar panels deep across the outline’s dump. The reins in smallest of each traveller can also be used to noesis the shaper, which supplies the function in the automobile’s batteries, articulation to chalk up the automobile in lickety-separation-only bag, gossip the AFP. Once the person sway is empty, or, when trek individual, the incandescence engine kicks into shift things along.

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Already shapely in precedent aim, the car was lately displayed at the Budapest Museum of Transport (Hungary) for compel and conspicuous keeping watch. Volume buildup is to be to settle in 2012, with the outlay of the Solo to boon around €12,000 (US$18,000). An extreme plan, titled the Duo and dupe scope for sextet but individual essentially coextensive, could find out. There are equivalent diplomacy to make the Duo durable of being split into two Solos with ungrudging 10 summary of ball game.

The general wrap is a persuasive but dauntingly arduous oneness of technology, harmony and conception. If the conglomerate can in naked truth apprehend exterminate accumulate daily grind inside four dotage, while concursion the, something wellbeing standards and still achieving its unfolding and efficiency specifications, and ultimate it at the projected penalty figure, the car throw in be an abscond attainment. Nevertheless there view be no poverty of hurdles to mark along the way.




8 responses

19 06 2008

Nice rendering, but where’s the car?

21 06 2008
26 06 2008

I would like to invite the owner to demonstrate his solar car in Hong Kong Renewable Energy Events (
Any idea how I can contact him?

21 08 2008

Stephen: official Solo-Duo site:
You can find contact info at the contact page (hun: “Kapcsolat”)

30 08 2008
Andreas Cseh

Please contact me if you are interested in the car: Andreas Cseh ( email:

11 01 2009

Eko cars it always well.

20 02 2009

Could somebody please translate the extraterrestial language in the article in to proper English ?

7 01 2013
Foo Tein Hin

may l have this solar car company reply? l’m very interest for this market in south east asia.

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