Wow, Porsche Boxster Fall Down from Crane (Finnish NRJ Radio Promo)

24 06 2008

Finland‘s pop radio station NRJ decided to have a contest called “Cash or Crash” where viewers would choose to whichever win an old first generation Porsche Boxster or spoil it. The outcome was 56% of the voters stating they did not judge in destiny, so killing to the Porsche roadster. The occasion took place in the parking of a community shopping mall just beyond of the Helsinki city midpoint, Iso-Omena (Big Apple).

Surely, all in good fun, and especially since the Boxster is made in Finland – it’s slightly forgivable. However, the significance of the aftermath from slight of Finland has been judgmental.

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“It just shows how selfish people can be,just because they didn’t think they could win it,they would fairly see the car cracked than see someone else like it.”

“How very Finnish of them – they’re one chief nature flaw is that they can be incredible jealous, to the moment where they will crush that damn Porsche rather than let their neighbor have it.”

With that said, save you know the Finnish personality, the act of tumbling a Porsche Boxster from a hoist seems like a very wasteful thing to do. However, in a country that enjoys one of the supreme values of living in the world, yet, where grand wealth is not welcomed, watching a Boxster getting damaged in spectacular frame for the sake of amusement definitely value it.




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24 06 2008
Gail Thompson


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