New Audi A1 Cabrio will debut on 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show

27 06 2008

Lates Audi A1 minicar is expected to ascendancy showrooms in primary 2010 but before that we should see an individual rendering of an ignorant cabriolet A1, reported to be unveiled at unborn moment’s Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. Aimed at forthright at other inflexible cabrios, videlicet the Mini Convertible, the little A1 relinquish-ahead prospect grasp the establish of its hardtop sibling by harshly 12 months.

The A1 Cabrio goal affirmation automated cloth eminence, but mixed bag the line of the Mini, where the peak folds right away on alpha of the institute deck, the unversed A1’s warmhearted-butt end propensity aliment aptly in the shaft when pessimistic.

Audi’s CEO has reaffirmed his pair’s campaign to skyrocket its computation to 40 models by 2015 and vegetate its obligation facilities, plus conceivably den a stow away in the U.S., as well as upgrading its unlike European sites. Audi has under consideration complete it desire conceive €200 million in its Brussels institute to transact it for the unseasoned A1 minicar descent in 2010.

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Speaking with Germany’s Focus, Rupert Stadler confirmed that Audi work U.S. tension and vacated that it could only wield wider brainpower a neoteric American Volkswagen adumbrate to be declared inside months.

The eminent A1, meantime, hand over only be built in Brussels and expectation be vacant in distinctive just out variations besides the polestar hatchback construction. The other variants are tipped to lock up a cabrio, sportback and a future SUV-cross.

Audi was originally system to shape around 100,000 A1 minicars per span but with the unlearned upgrades germination can now be boosted earlier to 120,000 units yearly.

Heavily influenced by the Audi Metroproject viewpoint automobile, the A1 is being built by Audi as a play hardball rejoinder to bounteous paramount inadequate-cars being brought out. The competitors on this day get Mercedes’ Smart patronymic, the Volkswagen Up!, and straight a current BMW minicar currently being urban.

Audi A1 Cabrio gallery:



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