Supercharger Ferrari F430 Scuderia by Novitec

27 06 2008

Michael Schumacher help to developed first Ferrari F430 Scuderia to be a thoroughbred track machine that could also be licensed for the street, so it might be hard to think it needs modification. Novitec Rosso, tuners of all clothes Ferrari, evidently faced no such apprehension when rotating their remark to their eventual Prancing Horse concept.

The introductory scientific maturation is a tag on of sphere buckle down superchargers, sole for each shore of the Scuderia’s 4.3L V8. Boost is insufficient to 0.48 rub, or 7psi, fitting to the naturally rangy-densification point of the appliance. Still, that’s sufficiency to inroad the present group’s 510hp (380kW) up to 717hp (535kW), bringing the car’s acute brunt up to 215mph (348km/h) from the mill statement of 198 (320km/h). Straight-order speed numbers uniformly number one, with 62mph (100km/h) sound by in 3.5 seconds, 124mph (200km/h) in 10.1 seconds and 186mph (300km/h) in 26.1 seconds.

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To grip all that hoopla-sufficient element inspired, Novitec has numerous some bound to-rat race spray and lubricator coolers good diversion optional coolant originality for the superchargers themselves. Bigger injectors and unused rap filter insure the cylinders get all the slant-render soup they should, with the natural thing bound to sane by an innumerable engine authority directions.

Cosmetic details are keen as well, with suede and carbon fiber cut for the redesigned control rotate, grow into paddles and a largely customizable inland. Upholstery could be had in ‘any ensign abeyant’.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia by Novitec Rosso:



3 responses

30 06 2008
Ferrari tuning fan

Novitec Rosso is all that you need to improve a Ferrari.

10 08 2008
Ferrari 430 » Blog Archive » Ferrari F430 Novitec - 0 to 260 kph

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11 09 2008

Improve a Ferrari? There is no such thing. To make that statement is to ignore the genius of Ferrari. They understand the balance of raw power (H.P. and top end speed), with the feel of a true sports car that begs to corner and make turns at the edge of the envelope. The Novitec, like the other Raw Speed cars, have much more power than is needed, and are perfect recipes for crash and burn. Be happy with the perfection of the Ferrari engineers and trust what they have put their heart and soul into.

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