New Kia Coupe Concept KOUP replace Spectra ?!

30 06 2008

Kia will launch its first ever vehicle develop next year with the launch of the next-generation Spectra. The new perfect, which is projected to draw serious influences from the lately revealed KOUP Concept (pictured), will trade the present Spectra and could even adopt a new name.

The car would first be launched with an accepted sedan bodystyle but will be followed a sedan of months later by the new two door. A Spectra tailgate will be existing in some markets but according to the head of Hyundai-Kia’s R&D bunch, Lee Hyun-soon, the U.S. will neglect out on the more feasible fashion.

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“We trust the vehicle will sell better than the hatchback,” Lee told reporters from Automotive News. The hatchback will be sold primarily in Europe as a replacement for the cee’d, he said.

The new sedan, along with the all-new Kia Soul, is intended to charm a younger direct listeners for Kia, especially in the U.S. where the trademark could tap outlook Gen Y buyers. Several puzzle shots of the new Spectra have leaked over the onwards couple of weeks, helpful a, much sharper and more aggressive shape for the South Korean product. Click here to see out prior word, counting the teasers.

Kia KOUP Concept gallery:




One response

4 09 2008
Louie Liquido

Are we going to have this toy in Phillipines, Hurry up I’ll buy one.

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