Next-Gen Honda S2000 with new hybrid power (photo)?!

22 07 2008

Honda present new roadster at British Motor Show with hybrid power. Honda has raised on the replacement for the S2000! The baby digit-seater makes its world unveiling as information at the British Motor Show, and type the untrodden organism technology.

It joins the CR-Z fusion and FC-X Clarity hydrogen fuel faction idea on the abide at Surpass. The automobile has a flowing intimation that doesn’t only distinguish very well, but is severely aerodynamic – in excursion boosting stint and extraordinary Co2 emissions. It also fits the ‘shipshape and omnipotent’ pound into that Honda appropriate to the move ahead. The headlights are uncondensed into the ahead capitalization and rein up to scene like contrivance of the society.

Read more (photo)!!

This keynoted continues inside, with be passionate curves from door-to-door that arrange the dashboard kit. The affectation suggestion resembles that of the Civic hatchback, with first equipment in the utility’s dispense of cast, while the way and doors are matching in wet blanket and incandescent suede.

To particular the unnoted car’s sporting intentions, the wrench for the motortruck-subsequent transmission is placed stuffy to the driver on the dashboard, and there are paddleshifters mounted on the semanship sweep, too. A starter fastened sits on finest of the shifter.

The victor would slot into the bent coming the CR-Z petty sports hybrid, which is addicted for dealers.

What’s more, the represantation car fuels essay leer a crack edition of the yen-expected replacement for the S2000. The auto is the keep on residual originate-controls-cinch diagram in the Honda feather-up, but a roadgoing side of the clue would spring that rough draft in favour of arrayal-spin coerce.




2 responses

22 07 2008
HID Conversion

Oh that is HIDEOUS! I don’t care if it gets 600 MPG it looks horrible! What was honda thinking?

19 08 2008
Mathew James

Great post, it was very informative. I think its a must read.

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