Teen Driver on BMW M3 Crashed Into a House in LA

22 07 2008

19-year-old “driver” on 2008 BMW M3 crashed into a house in LA. Parents!! If you want to present BMW M3 for your teen kids, don’t do it!! This car  is a finely crafted, high-performance, German-engineered rocket sled. Think about what may be happened! It may be like this — pile a couple of guys in the car, then take it out for high-speed foolishness. At the peak of teenage testosterone, they will hit the “M button,” rocket up a hill, lose control, jump a curb and bash into a house.

Read more (shocking photo)!!

Quote from real story:

Crazy ****ing night….so my girlfriend had a kickback last night at her house. an hour after i arrive a kid in a brand new 08 m3 shows up…car doesnt even have 1000 miles on it yet…so me and 2 others decide to go for a little ride in it…car was ridiculously loud and fast….so we go up and down a hill a few times to warm the car up…then the genius decides to put it in M mode….he floores it up the hill…****ing fastest **** ever…then he loses control…hopes a curb…car turns sideways…and we end up in someones front yard…everyone walked out though thank god…i think my thumb is broken and i have a bruise on my collar bone from the seat belt. BMW crash system was amazing…i dont know how anyone could survive that we were probably going 60 mph…

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22 07 2008
honda formulaone

u see it all the time: idiots in v8s or suped up 6s THINKING they can drive. they do all this bravado on interstates along w/ minivans and station wagons. pony up and track your car (they’ll be surprised how SLOW their comparative lap times are).

or better yet, go karting and let real racers show ’em how its done

22 08 2008

man! LMFAO i was just looking for pictures of other BMW crashes to make myself feel better because tonight i stupidly hit the side of some guys car which recieved no damage but the right side my front bumper is fuuucked. but damnnnn nowhere in the league of that though. let’s hope daddy decides buys him something a little more safe and practical. a porshe 911 turbo, for instance.
my poor BMW though:(

9 01 2009
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19 02 2009

dammmm that was my lill cuzinnn tikooo hahaha fuckkk yeaaa its ight he fucked up his carr but stilll whooo care….

3 01 2012

You are proof of the need for immigration restrictions.

8 03 2009
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22 07 2019

m mode doesnt make the car faster lol. It just increases the throttle response. Hes just a irresponsible teen speedy through a neighborhood.

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